Four of our newer Cadets took to the skies via our CAP (Civil Air Patrol) program in AFJROTC. Cadets Gabe Ward, Natasha Ellis, Hayden Cress and Marisa Dollar took FREE orientation flights in which they both flew in the aircraft as well as being able to actually fly the aircraft! They enjoyed flying over such scenery as Kings Island, Springfield, Tecumseh High School and even a certain Superintendents house (pictured below).

Who knows... maybe the next TOP GUN movie sequel??

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The Corps first field trip to the Neil Armstrong Air & Space Museum, the team had a fun and educational time learning about the origins of space flight and the first man to walk on the moon.

Cadets enjoyed the afternoon at I-70 Paintball, many wounds and war stories, but lot of smiles and good times.

Erie, PA Drill Meet

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