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Meeting Times
Mondays: JV and Varsity Colorguard

Wednesday: Varsity Unarmed
Wednesday: JV unarmed and armed

Drill Team is a competitive team based ceremony event. This team is based upon a competitive drive and the need to be the best. The drill team works hard to compete at drill meets in front of hundreds of cadets. The teams not only build a sense of camaraderie among all the cadets, but individually between each cadet as they are participating in multiple events. The cadets learn how to march together, flank together, use proper rifle techniques, and present the colors of our nation. The  cadets will go to drill meets throughout the school year on saturdays, including an overnight meet in Pennsylvania. The team is held to a high standard and all are meant to meet it.

-Cadet Sladewski

Cadet Sladewski, Drill Team Commander

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