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Cadet Wilder, Officer-in-Charge

The Color Guard presents the colors at all Tecumseh home basketball and football games.  In addition, during the school year, the team raises and lowers the school flag.  The team will also present the Colors at civic and community events throughout the local area and march in various parades.

For Color Guard requests, please contact the AFJROTC instructors.


Come and learn how to raise and lower the flag. Not many know how to do it!! You can be one of the few! We raise and lower two flags, the one in front of the school and the one over by the front office. After so many times you will be able to earn the Patriotic Flag Ribbon, this is the only way to earn this ribbon. Come and join us and learn how to do all these things on Monday Mornings at 7:15 AM and after school on Friday at 2:55 PM!!!

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